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LEC is an English tutoring and Admissions Counseling center based in Hong Kong. Our mission is to help students achieve their full potential and prepare them for their entrance in schools, universities and beyond. 


The programs we specialize in are International School, Boarding School and University Admissions Counseling, SAT/ACT test preparation and premium English tutoring on a wide range of levels: Jolly Phonics, Primary & Secondary School English, GCSE / IB / AP English Literature.

We Care!

LEC is founded based on the idea that all students deserve a chance to be equipped with the necessary tools to succeed on their own. As counselors and teachers, we are fully responsible towards our students’ academic and personal growth. During lessons, we do not simply impart knowledge on our students, but also learning habits and skills that would help them deal with similar problems by themselves. Many of our students see us as mentors, big brothers or big sisters, and we pride ourselves in our ability to influence them for the better. We believe this is also why our students have gotten excellent grades and entered the best schools in the world.




Director & Lead Instructor

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Jason studied at Diocesan Boys' School before attending boarding school at St Johnsbury Academy in the United States where he became a frequent contributor of the school literature review magazine and a participant in the We The People national constitutional debate contest. He graduated with a BA in International Relations at George Washington University and later earned a TESOL certificate at Trinity College London.

After moving back to Hong Kong, he became an Overseas Admissions Counselor specializing in interview and application essay training. It wasn't until he saw the positive character changes and excellent results of his students that he realized his calling in education. Since then, he has helped numerous students realize their academic passions and enter elite boarding schools and universities in the United States.


He also combined the same life-coaching principles to English teaching and Test Preparation for SAT, IB, and AP. His passion for teaching and experience in communicating with teenagers has helped students achieve distinguished results in school and standardized examinations.

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Education Counselor & Instructor

Terence has dedicated himself to tutoring after graduation. He has taught over 100 students in education centres in Hong Kong, specialising in English and Mathematics. He disagrees with the conventional spoon-fed education style of local schools and believes that teaching students to think is the best way for them to learn. 


Owing to his experience in dealing with young children and teenagers, Terence has developed sophisticated approaches to instil knowledge into his students, including logical reasoning in reading comprehension, grammar, and verbal skills. In light of the struggles many students have when facing their second language, he strategises and customises optimum progress plan to help students consolidate the fundamentals and construct a decent sense of language.

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Education Counselor & Instructor

Justina was born and raised in Scotland (UK), after graduating from Glasgow Caledonian University she moved to Hong Kong and gained a TEFL qualification. Justina has worked with children ranging from kindergarteners to secondary school students, specialising in English reading comprehension, grammar, Cambridge English and Jolly Phonics. As she has a lot of experience with young learners, she has an innovative and creative way of teaching English in a classroom environment. She also has personal experience with the process of GCSE and A-levels which may be beneficial to secondary students who wish to seek insight and guidance.

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