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Course Description
Our holistic English mentorship is most suitable for local school secondary students. We focus on building up our students' Speaking, Grammar, Writing & Examination skills.
Students can choose between private lessons or group classes
Private lessons are customized to suit students who need extra attention to their weaknesses but would lack the interactive element of group classes.
Group classes are more suitable for students who already have a solid foundation in English and would benefit from a more interactive environment.
Our students attend:
Adult Students
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  • Diocesan Boys’ School

  • La Salle College 

  • Maryknoll Convent School

  • Goodhope School

  • ​​St Paul Co-educational College

  • Wan Yan College Kowloon

Training Focus




Examination Skills

Our Instructor

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Terence has dedicated himself to tutoring after graduation. He has taught over 100 students in education centres in Hong Kong, specialising in English and Mathematics. He disagrees with the conventional spoon-fed education style of local schools and believes that teaching students to think is the best way for them to learn. 

Owing to his experience in dealing with young children and teenagers, Terence has developed sophisticated approaches to instil knowledge into his students, including logical reasoning in reading comprehension, grammar, and verbal skills. In light of the struggles many students have when facing their second language, he strategises and customises optimum progress plan to help students consolidate the fundamentals and construct a decent sense of language.

Customized Themes

It is proven that students retain more knowledge from lesson topics that they find interesting. Therefore, it is common to see that our athletes tend to work more on themes related to athletics and sports; our artists tend to work more on themes related to art and music.


A crucial part of learning English is the practice of daily speech. Unfortunately, speaking skills are often neglected in traditional tutorial schools. At LEC,  students will be provided with an abundance of chances to practice their English speaking skills and to enhance their listening skills through a friendly, fun and encouraging environment.


The writing aspect of our course takes a thematic approach to different writing styles: descriptive, imaginative, argumentative and beyond. Through diversified and interesting writing topics and prompts, our course aims at building up the students' confidence and polish basic skills while inspiring individual creativity. Students will also be exposed to a wide variety of vocabularies as their writing styles and skills mature.

Customized Activities

Grammar and vocabulary activities don’t have to be boring. Apart from traditional activities such as gap-filling and proofreading tasks, we enjoy using activities ranging from board games to roleplaying to immerse our students into the particular learning focus.


The grammatical aspect of our course aims to enhance students' understanding of different language forms. The structure of our course is based on the student’s proficiency in the English language and their school syllabus. Not only do we focus on consolidating what the students have learned in the past, we also delve into more advanced language forms and spelling rules.

Examination Skills

In addition to the modules above, our course places great emphasis on examination skills in order to ensure students would achieve excellent results from school and public examinations. Our classes are tailored towards individual school syllabuses as well as specific public examinations. We provide a variety of answering skill practices and drilling tasks to make sure our students are capable of handling different types of questions and examination styles with ease.

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