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As experts in Hong Kong international school, Lee Educational Consulting offers a unique tailored-made counseling service to help your child find his/her best fit.

Our students have entered:
  • Harrow International School

  • Hong Kong International School

  • Canadian International School

  • Chinese International School

  • Victoria Shanghai Academy

  • The ISF Academy

  • Yew Chung International School

  • French International School

  • International Christian School

  • Li Po Chun United World College

  • Renaissance College

  • International College Hong Kong

  • Kellett School

  • American International School

  • American School Hong Kong

  • Sears Rogers International School

  • Sha Tin College

  • Stamford American School

  • Singapore International School

  • Nord Anglia International School

  • Concordia International School

  • Delia School of Canada

Adult Students
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Offer Letters

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Application Procedure

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It is essential that you begin researching schools as soon as possible. International schools in Hong Kong receive hundreds of applications every year and have very long waiting lists. For most schools, applications can be accepted up to one year in advance. Some schools operate on a rolling basis, which means there is no deadline and offers are given out until the incoming class is full.


Apply To Schools

Apply early and have several schools in mind since admissions are competitive. A successful application is a key to proceeding to the next step of the application. The student’s transcripts will be evaluated, reference letters need to be submitted by teachers and the schools want to know, how your children can fulfill the vision and the mission of the school.



Upon a successful application, applicants will be invited for an assessment at the respective school. Assessments comprise of placement tests analyzing the student’s proficiency in English and Mathematics and in some instances Mandarin for bilingual schools. Performing well in the assessment is a critical deciding factor.



Once an offer has been given, you will be given a certain amount of time to respond to the offer. Careful consideration is needed as accepting an offer comes along with a non-refundable debenture and deposit or first-month tuition fee at most schools.


Profile Analysis

Every student has different needs, interests, learning paths, personality and intelligence. We see it as our duty to determine the best path for each student through understanding these different areas.


School Recommendation

According to your child’s needs, we will recommend a list of suitable schools for your child. Our recommendations take into account important factors such as the school’s curriculum, the extracurricular activities on offer, the academic atmosphere and the school’s university matriculation, giving your child a fitting platform to flourish.


Application Management

Knowing how critical the application is, we manage every part of the application. We prepare student’s portfolios with all the necessary documentation, guide the families to answer the necessary application questions, set up campus tours and assessment dates.


Assessment Training

Taking the assessment can be stressful. Many families want to give their children the best preparation that they can. Due to our extensive experience, we provide test specificpreparation for these assessments. These assessments regularly involve content that test students’ critical thinking, organization and creativity. Our training can transform the chances of success for all students so that they are well equipped to thrive on the assessment day.

Our Team

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Director & Lead Instructor

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Jason studied at Diocesan Boys' School before attending boarding school at St Johnsbury Academy in the United States where he became a frequent contributor of the school literature review magazine and a participant in the We The People national constitutional debate contest. He graduated with a BA in International Relations at George Washington University and later earned a TESOL certificate at Trinity College London.

After moving back to Hong Kong, he became an Overseas Admissions Counselor specializing in interview and application essay training. It wasn't until he saw the positive character changes and excellent results of his students that he realized his calling in education. Since then, he has helped numerous students realize their academic passions and enter elite boarding schools and universities in the United States.


He also combined the same life-coaching principles to English teaching and Test Preparation for SAT, IB, and AP. His passion for teaching and experience in communicating with teenagers has helped students achieve distinguished results in school and standardized examinations.



Education Counselor & Instructor

Agnes found her passion for teaching through chairing the Mock Trial Club at Good Hope School, her alma mater, where she regularly trained younger pupils in inter-school mock trial competitions. Throughout her university life at HKU, she has also taken up the role of an English Debate Coach and Literature Tutor for students of a wide range of ages and abilities. As one of the top scorers in English Literature under the HKDSE curriculum, she is well versed in Shakespearean plays, poetry appreciation, literary analysis and creative writing. 

Agnes believes in the art in and of language—to her, words are a means of creating individuality. Through her nuanced understanding of English, she aspires to empower learners by helping them discover a voice of their own. Through adopting a balanced, multi-sensory, and structured approach to teaching, she is dedicated to helping learners achieve outstanding results in school-based assessments and college entrance exams.

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Education Counselor & Instructor

Terence has dedicated himself to tutoring after graduation. He has taught over 100 students in education centres in Hong Kong, specialising in English and Mathematics. He disagrees with the conventional spoon-fed education style of local schools and believes that teaching students to think is the best way for them to learn. 


Owing to his experience in dealing with young children and teenagers, Terence has developed sophisticated approaches to instil knowledge into his students, including logical reasoning in reading comprehension, grammar, and verbal skills. In light of the struggles many students have when facing their second language, he strategises and customises optimum progress plan to help students consolidate the fundamentals and construct a decent sense of language.