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Our IGCSE / GCSE English Language & Literature classes are most suitable for G7 & G8 students who are building a foundation for language & literary analysis as well as G9 & G10 students who are preparing for the examinations. On top of preparing for GCSE exams, our Private Lessons focus on students' personal weaknesses as well as their immediate assignments in school. Our Group Lessons on the other hand focus on analytical and writing skills in an interactive setting.
Our Students Attend:
  • Canadian International School

  • Chinese International School

  • Diocesan Boys’ School

  • Li Po Chun United World College

  • Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School

  • Sha Tin College

  • St Paul's Co-educational College

  • The Independent Schools Foundation Academy

Adult Students
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Decoding the IGCSE / GCSE English Language & Literature Exams
Students who are preparing for the IGCSE / GCSE English Language exam should not only have mastered English as a second language, but also basic language analysis techniques, intricacies of different text types as well as creative writing strategies.
As for the IGCSE / GCSE English Literature Exams, students will need to be familiar with literary devices used in classical texts such as Macbeth & The Merchant Of Venice, as well as classical poetry picked by the examination board. They'll also have to master the art of writing seen & unseen commentaries on extracts and poetry.

The English Language Paper 1 focuses on "Explorations in Creative Reading & Writing". In Section A of Paper 1, students will be given a fiction extract and will be asked to comment on the language & structural devices. In Section B, they'll be asked to write a piece of Descriptive or Narrative writing. Our courses focus helping students build experience & confidence in analysing and commenting on different fiction extracts. We also teach students how to write sophisticated creative pieces that would move the examiners.

English Language Paper 1

The English Literature Paper 1 assesses students' understanding of a Shakespearean play & 19th century novel that is taught in class during the two school years. Students will be given an extract from the play and novel, and will be asked to write a commentary on the portrayal of characters and the main themes. To help students prepare for Paper 1, we will first delve into the major scenes of the play and novel, and identify key character traits and themes. When we are closer to the exams, we will drill the students on the writing portion.

English Literature Paper 1

The English Language Paper 2 focuses on "Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspectives." Like Paper 1, students will have to utilize analytical & creative writing skills, however, the difficult part about Paper 2 is that students have to compare and contrast two non-fiction texts. To meet the demands of Paper 2, we will utilize a number of unseen texts to help students familiarize with the different text types. We will teach students how to analyze the nuances between the different non-fiction texts, as well as how their text types & culture contexts influence the writers' & readers' perspectives. 

English Language Paper 2

In Section A of the English Literature Paper 2, students can choose between an essay question about the Shakespearean play or the 19th Century Novel. Unlike Paper 1, the exam will not provide an extract, therefore, in order to prepare students for Paper 2, we will help students identify the major examples of these pieces so that they can remember them for the exam. Section B of the English Literature Paper 2 will be a literary analysis essay on one of the prescribed poems that students will have studied in class. Our approach is to go over each and every one of these poems and have students practice answering essay questions.

English Literature Paper 2

Our Consultant

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Director & Lead Instructor

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Jason studied at Diocesan Boys' School before attending boarding school at St Johnsbury Academy in the United States where he became a frequent contributor of the school literature review magazine and a participant in the We The People national constitutional debate contest. He graduated with a BA in International Relations at George Washington University and later earned a TESOL certificate at Trinity College London.

After moving back to Hong Kong, he became an Overseas Admissions Counselor specializing in interview and application essay training. It wasn't until he saw the positive character changes and excellent results of his students that he realized his calling in education. Since then, he has helped numerous students realize their academic passions and enter elite boarding schools and universities in the United States.


He also combined the same life-coaching principles to English teaching and Test Preparation for SAT, IB, and AP. His passion for teaching and experience in communicating with teenagers has helped students achieve distinguished results in school and standardized examinations.

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