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LEC offers a custom tailored & through-train Boarding School admissions counseling service for high school students. As experts in US Boarding Schools, we understand the intricate differences of each school and how to prepare our students for admission.


For the past 5 years, we have traveled around the US to visit boarding and day schools. We communicate directly with the admissions offices to keep abreast of the latest admissions trends. LEC makes sure our students stay ahead of the throat-cutting admissions game in order to gain acceptance from their dream schools. 

LEC students have been admitted into the
following prestigious schools:

- Phillips Andover Academy

- Phillips Exeter Academy

- Lawrenceville Academy

- St. Mark's School

- Choate Rosemary Hall

- Milton Academy

- Peddie School

- The Loomis Chaffee School            

Adult Students
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Why US Boarding School?

First-class educational experience


Boarding schools are independent schools. They are independent in their finances and governance which also means they have the resources to offer a wide range of academic opportunities and extracurricular activities to help students reach their goals.


Academic excellence is no doubt a big focus of every school. High-caliber teachers, who are experts in their fields, are hired to guide and support students in a small class setting. Study hall is enforced in the evenings, so students have adequate time to finish the assignments of the day before acquiring new concepts. Faculty members would patrol on the corridor to answer any questions the students have immediately. Most importantly, boarding schools help prepare students for college. Discussion-based classes and academic papers are integrated into the high school curriculum to lift up students’ academic standard so they will feel at ease when transitioning into college.


A large array of extracurricular activities. Boarding schools make sure their students are not exam machines, and that they find their life-long passions during their high school years, be it academic clubs, sports, art, music or social service. Each school has its unique signature programmes to offer. To name a few: Thacher School offers a Horse Programme in which every student is paired with a horse during Freshman year to train them totake responsibility for the life of an animal. Milton Academy’s Squids in Space Project is also second to none. Milton’s students are given a unique opportunity to work on a space shuttle experiment because of a Science Faculty member’s friendship with the CEO of a commercial space company that specializes in placing experiments in space.

Students learn to be responsible for themselves


Students are given opportunities to learn to be responsible for their own actions. They also learn to cope with life and all of its ups and downs within a community of peers who are going through the same things they are. All of this is happening under the watchful eye of the faculty members who are veteran mentors, well-trained to educate youngsters.


Leadership comes first


Boarding schools are increasingly interested in instilling more co-operative kinds of leadership and team-building traits, creating environments for boarders in which these are ingrained in every aspect of student life. Boarders are given ample opportunities to exploit their leadership talents in different life aspects. Freshmen and Sophomores will start with being mentees whereas Juniors & Seniors years are responsible for grooming their younger peers.


Prestige and selectivity


The more selective a boarding school, the more difficult it is to get into and usually the greater the prestige associated with being admitted. Students enjoy the prestige directly, and parents too. These schools are usually well-connected with top-notch universities. The moment you step into a boarding school; your future is well looked after. Boarding schools cannot guarantee that a student will secure a place in an Ivy League School but they are perfectly comfortable advocating for a student to get accepted somewhere they feel is a good fit for that student. These are also the grounds on which lucrative social networks are built.

Our Team

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Director & Lead Instructor

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Jason studied at Diocesan Boys' School before attending boarding school at St Johnsbury Academy in the United States where he became a frequent contributor of the school literature review magazine and a participant in the We The People national constitutional debate contest. He graduated with a BA in International Relations at George Washington University and later earned a TESOL certificate at Trinity College London.

After moving back to Hong Kong, he became an Overseas Admissions Counselor specializing in interview and application essay training. It wasn't until he saw the positive character changes and excellent results of his students that he realized his calling in education. Since then, he has helped numerous students realize their academic passions and enter elite boarding schools and universities in the United States.


He also combined the same life-coaching principles to English teaching and Test Preparation for SAT, IB, and AP. His passion for teaching and experience in communicating with teenagers has helped students achieve distinguished results in school and standardized examinations.

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Education Counselor & Instructor

Justina was born and raised in Scotland (UK), after graduating from Glasgow Caledonian University she moved to Hong Kong and gained a TEFL qualification.


Justina has worked with children ranging from kindergarteners to secondary school students, specialising in English reading comprehension, grammar, Cambridge English and Jolly Phonics.


As she has a lot of experience with young learners, she has an innovative and creative way of teaching English in a classroom environment. She also has personal experience with the process of GCSE and A-levels which may be beneficial to secondary students who wish to seek insight and guidance.

LEC's Approach
Group Discussion

Profile Analysis

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the student's profile which includes academic history, extracurricular interest, personal achievement, personality, and family background.

  • Identify the student's strengths and weaknesses. Come up with a list of areas for improvement.



  • Design a boarding school application timeline and training plan according to the student's situation and needs. We make sure the student knows when and what to do when preparing for the interviews, application essays, and the SSAT & TOEFL tests.

  • We constantly review our students' application progress and give the advice to guide them through each application element one step at a time.

  • Help our students plan ahead for their summer and winter breaks to enrich their extracurricular portfolios.

  • Give specific guidance on which teachers to ask recommendations from.


  • Highlight and illustrate the student's unique selling points with sound examples.

  • Draw up an interesting personal story to showcase the student's uniqueness; make sure the messages presented in personal essays, parents essays and interviews align with each other.


School Selection

  • We understand the schools thoroughly because we have visited the boarding schools in person in the past 7 years, and we constantly keep in touch with admissions officers for their latest updates.

  • We do not look at the unofficial rankings available online. Rather, we take into account the students’ abilities and the parents’ expectations to recommend schools we think are the best for them.

Technology at School

Free Consultation

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