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Course Description

Jolly Phonics is a course targeting letter sounds rather than the alphabet, the 42 letter sounds are phonic building blocks that children use to decode the English language.

It is designed to teach children how to read and write using phonetic sounds. The course is widely recognised and proven to be effective, which is why it has become an important aspect of the UK curriculum for young learners. Your child will learn through a range of multi-sensory activities to help them remember the sounds, which is beneficial for all types of learners. They will also combine the sounds to make age-appropriate words. 

Adult Students
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Training Focus
Blending &
 New Vocabulary
Jolly 1: Letter sounds 

The focus of Jolly 1 is to learn phonetic sounds of the letters 'A-Z’.

Within the lessons, your child will be exposed to new vocabulary and learning to speak in full sentences when answering questions and communicating. They will also be educated on the correct word formations skills as well as a section for drawing, relating to the vocabulary learnt in class, allowing them to express their creativity and learn basic colours.

  • Learning A-Z phonetic sounds & actions

  • Learning the correct word formation skills  

  • Speaking in basic full sentences  

  • Leaning new vocabulary

  • Creative and fun

Jolly 3: Digraphs 

As children get older, their vocabulary building should increase too.


In Jolly 3, digraph sounds are introduced which allows the child to learn, read and spell more complex vocabulary. This is possible from the skills they have gathered from the previous levels. They will also be learning alternative sounds, as some sounds have more letter combinations than most, introducing these combinations early on can increases their reading fluency.

  • Learning digraphs 

  • Utilising skills learn in J1 and J2 to blend longer and more complicated words

  • Segmenting  

  • Read more complex sentences 

  • Spell more complex words

Jolly 2: Blending and Segmenting

In this level, children will be introduced to two new skills that require knowledge from J1 - ‘Blending' and ‘Segmenting'.

Blending allows the child to use the letter sounds as building blocks which aid their ability to be able to read words. Segmenting is when a child can identify the phonic components that make the word sound the way it does which aids them with their spelling. When both of these skills are grasped well, children become familiar with assembling and breaking down the sounds within words which makes reading and spelling easier for them.

  • Blending the letter sounds learnt in J1 

  • Blending 3 letter words to begin or 4-5 letter words to challenge

  • Spelling the sounds into words   

  • Segmenting  

  • Able to read simple sentences


Our Instructor

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Justina was born and raised in Scotland (UK), after graduating from Glasgow Caledonian University she moved to Hong Kong and gained a TEFL qualification.


Justina has worked with children ranging from kindergarteners to secondary school students, specialising in English reading comprehension, grammar, Cambridge English and Jolly Phonics. As she has a lot of experience with young learners, she has an innovative and creative way of teaching English in a classroom environment. She also has personal experience with the process of GCSE and A-levels which may be beneficial to secondary students who wish to seek insight and guidance. 

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