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The 8 Most Important Factors When Choosing an International School in Hong Kong:

How to Choose an International School in Hong Kong?

When it comes to choosing an international school, there seems to be a lot of factors to take into account to choose the most ideal school for your child:

1. Location:

Needless to say, location matters. Obviously if the targeted school is very close to home, that not only allows for convenience in commuting to school, but also frees up time for the student to participate in after-school activities and makes the student’s life less stressful. Unfortunately, Hong Kong suffers from the scarcity of land, which means that schools with a bigger campus and more resources tend to be farther away from the city, for instance Hong Kong International School (HKIS) in Repulse Bay, Victoria Shanghai Academy (VSA) in Aberdeen, Hong Kong Academy (HKA) in Sai Kung, etc.

That being said, Hong Kong is relatively small. If a family lives in Tuen Mun, schools in Aberdeen might seem very far away, but in reality it takes less than an hour to get to school. Besides, since all international schools in Hong Kong outsource use external school bus companies, you can virtually commute to any school in Hong Kong through school bus services (excluding outlying islands such as Discovery Bay and Lantau Island, etc.)

2. School Fees, Capital Levy and Debenture:

3. Academics

4. Personalized Learning and Support System

5. External Resources at International Schools

6. Facilities, Clubs and Societies

7. Global Networks

8. School Culture

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