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Speech Therapy
LEC's Speech Therapists

Our speech therapists trained abroad, receiving their qualifications in Australia and USA. They have worked with a range of clients from birth to 18 years, serving in a variety of settings including mainstream schools, community development clinics and special needs early education training centres. Both are native English and Cantonese speakers with professional competency in Mandarin/putonghua.

The Speech Therapy Course on offer specialises in multiple areas, including speech sound production, language acquisition, social skills and implementing augmentative and alternative communication systems. 

Both therapists are trained in the PROMPT technique and use this to work on speech sound development, focusing on increasing clarity through targeted muscular movements.

In terms of language, they focus on the acquisition of concepts and enhancing one’s ability to follow instructions of increasing lengths and complexity as well as helping them organise their thoughts to form meaningful responses.  

Adult Students
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Why Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy differs from standard tutoring as it looks into the child’s areas of strengths and weaknesses through assessment and observations. From this, the therapist is able to tailor specific goals to the child’s needs and work on them throughout their allotted session. These areas are not just limited to academics but rather every day communication and life skills needed to approach and integrate into society.

Children with special education needs will often need speech therapy to help develop different areas of communication. Communication is vital and is required to form life long relationships with peers and people around them. This is also a core skill which is required in school interviews, being able to understand and respond to questions appropriately.

Additionally, speech, the way we produce sounds is often overlooked. The way we articulate words has a huge impact on how people perceive us and is a huge indicator of self confidence in later years. Our speech therapists specialize in restructuring oral motor patterns to increase your child’s speech clarity. They will look at how your child uses and moves the muscles of their face and mouth and determine how to best address issues with jaw height and facial movements to achieve optimal speech production.

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