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LEC Creative Writing Summer Bootcamp
  • Suitable for Grade 6-8 students

  • Fee: HK$3000

  • Address: 1625A, 16th Floor, Star House, No. 3, Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon​

Implementing both Creative Reading and Writing in a fun way, the LEC Creative Writing Summer Bootcamp accelerates students' English reading and writing skills to prepare them for GCSE & beyond. Through participation in our theme-based activities, students will learn the vocabulary and structures of different text types, and they will then create their own piece of writing. At the end of the course, the best performing team will be chosen and presented a prize as an encouragement.

The following are the daily themes of the LEC Creative Writing Summer Bootcamp:

Adult Students
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 Session 1 

Date: 15-19th July 2019 (Mon - Fri)

Time: 10:00am - 1:00pm

 Session 2 

Date: 12-16th August 2019 (Mon - Fri)

Time: 10:00am - 1:00pm

Crime Scene Tape




The precious Infinity stone was stolen by the infamous kleptomaniac Frank Nose. Just like every other theft committed by him, a calling card was left behind in the crime scene as a taunt to the authority.


As one of the investigators of the Detective Association, you cannot and will not stand the humiliation. Look for clues. Retrieve the stone. Arrest Frank Nose.

Food Market Crowd




"This lamb is so undercooked, it's following Mary to the school!" 


Gordan Ramsay is renowned for his rants against subpar food quality and it might be one of the reasons why some restaurants are not fond of his visit. As the assistant of Gordan, you are going to help him with organizing the content of his food travel blog.

Ordering Food



Imagine yourself dining at a restaurant with your family. The surroundings are noisy and the seats aren't comfy. The waiters are rude and busy chatting among themselves. Unfortunately, the worst is yet to come ─ the food isn't worth its price at all.

You can't help but complain solemnly to the manager of the restaurant...



Do you know that some news websites are actually not real? Are you capable of identifying the authenticity of the news you come across on the Internet? In this lesson, you will discover the variety of stances in news articles.  You even get to compose your very own "fake news"!





"Sell me this pen."

"Sell me this book."

How do you make everyday objects appealing for sale? What are the critical elements when making a successful advertisement? Turn into a member of the Creative Team of Advertising and come up with the best strategies in an exciting rivalry among all teams.

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